Cruising Photo of the Week (Outtakes) #26

This image was an outtake because it didn’t quite fit the theme of my book, ‘Cruising the World – From Gondolas to Megaships.’  A ship’s atrium all decked out for Christmas without a passenger in sight would have seemed out-of-place in a book filled with cruisers having a great time enjoying their cruises. 

Now that the holiday season is upon us again and cruise ships around the world are vacant of passengers, I wonder if atriums are decorated, at least minimally, for the crews maintaining them. Some cheer during a really bad year would benefit us all.

Some may recognize the ship as Holland America’s Zuiderdam.  I think the decorations are tastefully understated, but I surmise this is in keeping with the style of HAL ships.  Everything is well done and seldom over-the-top.

© Dennis Cox / Photo Explorer Productions, All Rights Reserved

Published by Dennis Cox

Publisher, Photo Explorer Productions. Award-winning travel photographer who has photographed in 130 countries and territories on all seven continents, including over 50 trips to China, and in all fifty U.S. states. Official photographer and a writer for Stock photo agent, WorldViews/ChinaStock. Designer of custom travel posters, Designer of women's fashions & men's ties, VIDA.

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