Cruising Photo of the Week (Outtakes) #7

One of the world’s great seaports is the subject of The CRUISING PHOTO of the WEEK for week #7 – another outtake from ‘Cruising the World – From Gondolas to Megaships’.  

Passing under the Golden Gate Bridge on a cruise ship is an experience as memorable as any embarkation or return to port gets in cruising. It’s not surprising that the Golden Gate is considered to be one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, the fifth most photographed landmark in the USA, and consequently, one of the most recognizable.

Unfortunately, on a cruise to Hawaii this past November, I had the double disappointment of cruising under the bridge in the dark both leaving and returning to San Francisco. My best opportunity for a photo of the bridge was at sunset from an upper deck of the Grand Princess while still tied to Pier 27 in San Francisco Bay. The light from across the city, nonetheless, was delightfully golden.

When I think of San Francisco — a city I visited often in the past on stopovers going-to and coming-from China — I think of a poem by its most famous resident poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

“The changing light / at San Francisco / is none of your East Coast light / none of your / pearly light of Paris / The light of San Francisco / is a sea light / an island light / And the light of fog / blanketing the hills / drifting in at night / through the Golden Gate / to lie on the city at dawn.”

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Published by Dennis Cox

Publisher, Photo Explorer Productions. Award-winning travel photographer who has photographed in 130 countries and territories on all seven continents, including over 50 trips to China, and in all fifty U.S. states. Official photographer and a writer for Stock photo agent, WorldViews/ChinaStock. Designer of custom travel posters, Designer of women's fashions & men's ties, VIDA.

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