The Kimono, a Japanese Feast of Color

To the Japanese, color is an essential characteristic to express the beauty of their ancient culture. Bold reds, yellows, greens, and blues, as well as the distinctive use of black and white, are present in their art, architecture, pottery, textiles, and furnishings. Combinations of conflicting color can be seen in temples of the Nara periodContinue reading “The Kimono, a Japanese Feast of Color”

Cruising Photo of the Week (Outtakes) #28

This outtake from my coffee table book ‘Cruising the World – From Gondolas to Megaships’ is Princess Cruise Lines’ Sun Princess at Doini Island in Papua New Guinea with passengers from the ship snorkeling in the warm tropical waters near the beach. A South Pacific island plantation resort in Melanesia’s Milne Bay province of PapuaContinue reading “Cruising Photo of the Week (Outtakes) #28”

Cruising Photo of the Week (Outtakes) #5

The CRUISING PHOTO of the WEEK for week #5 — outtakes from my book ‘Cruising the World, From Gondolas to Megaships’ — is an arty take on baggage. Well, the art is actually located behind the luggage carts, on the port side of the Norwegian Breakaway, and is easily recognizable as the work of pop-icon artist PeterContinue reading “Cruising Photo of the Week (Outtakes) #5”