Cruise lovers and would-be cruisers alike will find both immense pleasure and inspiration within the colorful pages of ‘Cruising the World, From Gondolas to Megaships.’

Award-winning travel photographer Dennis Cox has drawn on his decades of cruising experience to take you on a memorable and fascinating journey around the world.

Accompanied by colorful and incisive text by award-winning cruise writer Clark Norton, Cox has documented the modern innovations in cruising and cruise ships, while still keeping a keen eye on the more exotic forms of waterborne transportation over the centuries.

Dennis Cox has produced a prolific body of work spanning four decades as an assignment photographer for books and magazines and as a producer of travel stock photos. He has photographed in 130 countries and territories and has made more than 50 trips to China alone. Cruising the World, his fourteenth published book, is his crowning achievement.

Nostalgic for cruising before COVID?  This book features 37 different kinds of cruise vessels in a large format 208-page hardcover volume that colorfully explores cruises worldwide with 535 photos from 77 countries on all seven continents.

     Caribbean * Americas * Europe * Mediterranean
          Middle East * East Asia * Southeast Asia
   South Asia * South Pacific * Africa * Antarctica


Cruising the World is the 14th book by this former SATW Photographer of the Year, and one of the most lavishly illustrated…  YOUR BOOK IS FABULOUS!

Dan Schlossberg, Host & Executive Producer, Travel Itch Radio

A luscious, photography-laden look at all aspects of the worldwide cruise phenomenon…’Cruising the World – From Gondolas to Megaships’ is just what the (travel) doctor ordered. …Nicely done Mr. Cox!

Richard Frisbie, Writer/Publisher, Hope Farm Press

Entertaining and educational, ‘Cruising The World: From Gondolas To Megaships’ is an inherently fascinating browse and ideal for the personal reading lists of armchair travelers in general, and anyone considering a shipboard world traveling experience in particular. Very highly recommended.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

This book is a stunner. The depth of the coverage is amazing… Wonderful book!

Bob Krist, National Geographic Photographer

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