Cruising the World

From Gondolas to Megaships

Cruise lovers and would-be cruisers alike will find both immense pleasure and inspiration within the colorful pages of Cruising the World.

This in-depth 208-page, 9.5” x 12” full-color hardcover coffee table book features 535 photos depicting 37 varieties of cruise vessels representing 77 countries on all seven continents. From modern-day megaships to such timeless vessels as Venetian gondolas, Arabian dhows, and Asian sampans, award-winning travel photographer Dennis Cox has drawn on his decades of cruising experience to take you on a memorable and fascinating journey aboard ocean- and sea-going, river, lake, and canal boats around the world.

During a recent flurry of cruises through such widespread locales as the Galapagos Islands, the Middle East, Hawai’i, Europe, and the Caribbean, Cox has documented the latest cutting-edge innovations in cruising and cruise ships, while still keeping a keen eye on the more exotic forms of water-borne transportation that have carried sailors, passengers, fishermen, and royalty over the centuries. You will be amazed, as I was, at how Cox has captured the sheer beauty and breadth of the global cruising experience. Over four decades, Dennis Cox has produced a prolific body of work. As an assignment photographer for magazines and as a stock travel photo producer, he has photographed in 130 countries and territories and has made more than 50 trips to China alone. Cruising the World, his fourteenth published book, is his crowning achievement.

-Clark Norton, Award-winning Cruise Writer,

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