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Please reserve______________place(s) on the______________________________________________________photo tour. A deposit of $500 per person is enclosed. Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure. All checks should be made out to "PHOTO EXPLORER TOURS" and mailed with this form to:

Photo Explorer Tours, 2506 Country Village, Ann Arbor MI 48103-6500 USA

Name(s) as listed on passport(s)__________________________________________________________


Name(s) you go by if different from above (i.e.nickname)_____________________________________



Home Phone_________________________Work Phone______________________________________


Date(s) of Birth_______________________Occupation(s)_____________________________________

Passport Number(s)____________________________________Expires_________________________

Departure City (nearest airport)_____________________________________T-Shirt Size____________
Complete if you wish to have an international flight booked for you (service charge applies).

( ) I am traveling alone and would like to share a room.

( ) I am a smoker. ( ) I would prefer a non-smoking roommate.

( ) I prefer to room alone and will pay the single supplement.

( ) Please match me with a roommate if possible (single supplement required if no roommate match can be made).

( ) I will arrange my own international air and will purchase the land only for this tour. (Photo Explorer Tours will provide names of airline ticket consolidators upon receipt of registration form.)

( ) I would like a pre-or post-tour extension. (Please call, or include requested itinerary or arrangements).

Person to contact in case of an emergency during the tour:



Home Phone___________________________Work Phone____________________________________

PLEASE NOTE: This form shall also serve as a model release for all photographs of tour members.
I/We have read and agree to the terms and conditions on the opposite side of this form which apply to this tour, especially noting the policy on cancellation, tour prices, health, travel insurance, and responsibility: